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Polykar Edmonton

Edmonton, AB

Industrial Building


With their expansion into western Canada, the new PolyKar building in Edmonton makes a bold statement in portraying PolyKar as a positive leader in the plastics industry.

It is a 48000 sqft building consisting of a 2-storey office wing at the front and a massive manufacturing plant at the back comfortably sheltering all the innovative processes of PolyKar.

We were fascinated by the concept of the extrusion of raw plastic materials into finished products such as plastic bags. This concept is embodied through the use of diagonal aluminium fins that stretch across the façade making the building facades more dynamic and much more engaging. Our design philosophy was also to challenge the prototype look of sub-urban industrial buildings, as our client’s vision is to attract the best talents.

The building permit is approved and construction is expected to commence in April 2021.