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Meet The Team

Noorullah Hussain Zada

Associate, M.Arch, Architect, AAA, MRAIC

Noorullah is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design and a graduate of the University of Calgary with Master’s in Architecture. Since April 2013, Noorullah has carried a wide range of project types and has added to FarMor Architecture’s personalized client-focused experience with his hard work and dedication to achieving technical and creative excellence.

Farhad Mortezaee

Principal, Architect, AAA, AIBC, OAA, MArch, MRAIC

Farhad is a registered architect in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario with over 19 years of experience in architectural design and project management. He holds a Masters in Architecture and a Diploma in Advanced Architectural Studies. Farhad founded FarMor Architecture 10 years ago and delivers client-focused design services for commercial and residential building projects. He is in his third year proudly serving at the Alberta Association of Architects Council.

Berfin Evrim

Computational Designer

Berfin graduated with the Integrated Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Science in Architecture (Design Computing) from Pennsylvania State University. During her internships, she practiced different typologies such as residential, civic, cultural, mixed-use, and commercial. She has been involved in my research projects while pursuing Master and Ph.D. degrees. Her research focuses on digital fabrication, computational design, parametric design, and lightweight smart materials.

Bushra Javaid

Interior Designer, BID Honours, M.Arch Student

Bushra has an Honours Bachelor of Interior design from Sheridan College with a Diploma in Interior Decorating. She is a current Masters of Architecture student at the University of Calgary and has worked on over 100 commercial and residential projects. As our Interior Designer at FarMor Bushra consistently excels by forming a strong design concept and follows that throughout the designing process to inspire and create unforgettable spaces.

Parnia Shahab

Architectural Designer, M.Arch, MFA

Parnia is an Artist-Architect with a Bachelors in Architecture from IAUCTB and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Tehran where she ranked first in admissions. Now, she is completing her second Master’s in Fine Arts at the University of Calgary. Parnia is a extremely well versed in every design program available and brings enthusiasm and positivity to the FarMor office every day. She has an eye for creativity and artistic beauty that cannot be taught but is supplemented by her numerous years of academic excellence.

Waffle Hussain Zada

Human Resources

Waffle has a BA from Calgary's Good Dog University and has been with FarMor for just over a year now! He has many important jobs in the office but most importantly he plays an important human resources role of employee satisfaction and moral boosting. Though we often catch him sleeping on the job, he is an essential part of our team and loves to meet new people that walk into our office.