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Holyrood 2020 Apartments

Edmonton, AB

Multi-residential Building


Holyrood 2020 apartments is located in Northwest Edmonton on a very narrow site. It has a total of twelve residential units with a mix of single bedroom and 2-bedroom units plus one three-bedroom unit so that housing choice can be as vast as possible for the renters. It pushes the limitations of the site in innovative ways in order to accommodate the maximum number of units with parking stalls. The proposed 12-unit apartment building is complicated, accommodating 4 townhouse style, inter-connected units, barrier-free units and a partial basement.

The architecture of this building speaks of a minimalist and modern approach with a very contrasting use of materials to achieve a timeless look that is durable and elegant. We are proud that we were able to collaborate with the client, the construction team and our engineers to create a lean design that is beautiful yet functional, cost-efficient and oriented towards ease of construction.

We are currently waiting for the building permit to be approved and our client is expecting commencement of construction in October 2020.