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Meet The Team

Farhad Mortezaee

Principal, M.Arch, Architect, AAA, AIBC, MRAIC

Farhad is a Registered Architect in Alberta and British Columbia with more than sixteen years of experience in architectural design and project management. Farhad is proudly serving our community of practice, serving his second year at the Alberta Association of Architects Council.

Noorullah Hussain Zada

Associate, M.Arch, Architect, AAA, MRAIC

Noorullah is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design and a graduate of the University of Calgary with Master’s in Architecture. Since April 2013, Noorullah has carried a wide range of project types and has added to FarMor Architecture’s personalized client-focused experience with his hard work and dedication to achieving technical and creative excellence.

Tricia Booker

Operations, B.Comm

Tricia brings to the team a degree in business from the University of Calgary and experience in the construction industry. She has a keen eye for details and enjoys organizing information so it is easier for others to use.

Temitayo Ajibade

M.Arch, Intern Architect, AAA, MRAIC

Temitayo is a University of Lagos graduate with experience in variety of residential and commercial projects. He keenly commits to delivering projects with finesse, diligently explores new solutions and keeps testing limits to increase value.

Jelena Sardi

Architectural Designer, M.Arch

As a crucial member of the FarMor team, Jelena brings a keen eye for accuracy and critical observation. Her passion for designing high quality social spaces motivates her to continue to push the envelope and explore new solutions.