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At FarMor, we are passionate about architecture as it affects many facets of our lives and the greater community at-large.  We treat every project with great rigour and seriousness. It is our aspiration to design spaces that are well-embraced and fully utilized. Additionally, we foster a working environment that is open to innovative ideas yet fully cognizant of the buildability of each project. Our working process with the client and other consultants is a collaborative approach that prioritizes successful delivery of every project. For this reason we strive to building relationship that are open to communication in order to maximize efficiency and tending to issues immediately. Although we may be experts in architecture, we value the opinions and suggestions of our clients and other experts of the construction industry.

Our process in engaging all our consultants and the construction manager at the development permit stage ensures expedited project delivery at the building permit stage with more accuracy and efficiency during construction.

At FarMor Architecture we are serious about continuing education and love our FarMor holidays, giving us more time to spend with family and friends. We take pride in spending time with our fellow practitioners especially architecture graduates and recent immigrants to help them with a career in architecture.