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Lean Design Management

At FarMor Architecture, we pursue lean design management, reducing waste through good design and management practices. We create value by commencing each project with the right attitude, addressing customer value.

The five principals of lean thinking are:

  1. Specify value: Precisely identify the client’s requirements and identify the specific functions required to deliver a solution.
  2. Identify the value stream: Identify the fastest process to deliver the building through the integration of the functions identified when specifying value. The aim should be delivery at the defined high quality and low cost in a safe, environmentally sustainable and ethical manner.
  3. Enable value to flow: Remove an unnecessary or redundant cost items from the design to get to the optimal solution.
  4. Establish the “pull’ of value: This means frequently listening to the client and other key stakeholders during the project and responding iteratively.
  5. Pursue perfection: Incorporate cost-reduction methods and tolls into the office culture and practices to enable continual cost reduction for the architectural office and for all clients via their projects.

Emphasis should be on the whole life cycle of the building and environmental sustainability. Thus, attention should be given to minimizing waste, reducing whole life costs and building in flexibility and adaptability for future building users.

The most important idea here is “flow”, the need for continuous flow to help reduce process waste. From our perspective flow can be seen as flow of information and the flow of resources:

  1. Flow of information. What information is required? When is it required? Who requires it? In what format do they need the information? Understanding the needs of the users of the information can be highly instrumental in helping to determine what is produced, when it is produced and how it is to be exchanged with those who need it.
  2. Flow of resources. What resources are required to produce the design? How many people are required and what skills do they need? What are the most appropriate information and communication technologies to facilitate smooth workflow?

Our process in engaging all our consultants and the construction manager at the development permit stage ensures expedited project delivery at the building permit stage with more accuracy and efficiency during construction.

At FarMor Architecture we are serious about continuing education and love our FarMor holidays, giving us more time to spend with family and friends. We take pride in spending time with our fellow practitioners especially architecture graduates and recent immigrants to help them with a career in architecture.